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Why people modify their cars - opinions needed.

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Why people modify their cars - opinions needed.

Post  NosherCento on Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:49 am

I am at 6th form, im doing an Extended Project, with my IT Diploma course. This means that i can do a project about everything and anything i want, as long as there is either a solid product at the end, or an opinion / statement with an explanation to back it up.

Originally i was going to use a spare engine and rebuild it into a tuned version, and document the whole way. however, i realised that this would not be cost eficient. so, i have decided to do my project on the world of car modification.

I am trying to gather opinions on why people modify their cars, so if anyone would like to give me some sort of input that would be much appreciated.

I also want to gather information on the different styling types (VIP, Euro, Rat, etc) so if anyone could possibly come up with a list of all the different styles, i can start gathering information on them?

your help is much appreciated.

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Re: Why people modify their cars - opinions needed.

Post  Spinninz on Thu Feb 17, 2011 10:34 am

Hope this helps lol


All go, no show to put it blunt. Built to surprise is the aim of the game. Usually putting out loads of pulling power in a bog standard looking shell. Come up againsta high performance car and put them to shame!


Mostly import related stuff going down here. The Jap scene (Japanese manufactured) mostly consists of high performance, big kitted rides such as Skylines and Supras. Not to be messed with


Getting it sideways is the aim here. Drift cars mix track and an agressive style for an purposful build. Huge wings, Stretched rubber ready to burn and cable ties holding the bumpers in place are where its at!


This style came from the Japanese youth crying out for attention. The most impractical builds you can ever hope to see. Boasting extended exhaust tail pipes, outrageous wide arched, full frontal psychadelic mayhem. Its getting noticed and quick even if its not to everyones taste!

Brit Look:

Were known for ever-changing our rides. Our influences come from all over the place to suit ourselves. We've had it all from lairy power to sound and style. Our most recognisable one to date (can easily be argued as everyone has a different taste) is the rat look. Wasnt expecting that was you?

Rat Look:

Matt paint finishes to pure rust and burnt out paintwork! Thats right, people do use blow torches to get the look they desire. Its all about tired-looking bodywork with a solid chassis. Love it or Hate it its gonna be here for a very long time!

Track Car:

Stripped out mania here, Roll cages in place and nice chunk of power under the bonnet ready to be unleashed. You never no what might happen in the next half hour...


Smooth, Clean, Plush, Sleek are just some of the words used to describe this look. Slammed over a set of wide rims and smoothed bodywork dropped to the floor is how they roll.


A trend from America here. The idea is to have your rims flush with the arches - thats millimeters of gap if atal!


Japanese Domestic Market is the word. Subtly styled, performance rated scene using only the most authentic Jap Tuning gear. Thats loyalty for ya.


Is a cross breed of JDM and Euro. Simply mixing the two cultures into one. JDM-Styled european cars or slammed Jap cars on Euro wheels. Its a growing trend everyday.


Building a car mainly consisting of parts available from the dealership. This look took off at the same time as the Euro look. Subtle bodywork with rare factory rims; all top end parts might i add!

Hot Rod:

Built for power and speed. Born in the 1950's they became affordable cars with a great potential. Modern muscle cars are now where this movements going to.. Always decked on tasty rims. Mmm

Old Skool:

Classic is the word. Rare parts to keep/make your ride have that old style weather its already old or new. Its a retro thing with a twist.


Saloons decked over a set of chrome rims for extra presence. Its all about looking high profile. Luxury and Style here. If you can gain the Yakuza / Mafia look you get bonus brownie points.


Were talking one theme - Black and White. White, smoothed german cars in particular such as the VW Scirroco. Add in a touch of black and do some other subtle mods on something that gives you butterflies and it'll give it a whole new meaning.

Murdered Out:

Dont think we really need to explain this.. Make it black, make it mean! Spray the wheels, the lights and tint those windows back to the dark age! Everything MUST go black for the extreme factor.

High Risers:

Originated in Florida, USA. This has been around a fair while now. Off-road style lifting kits raise the sills and the car to a whole new level. Then all you do is just shove on a pair of 24'' rims with some colour to em'. Easy it is.

Low Riders:

What started off in the early 30's as chopping your springs to get low.. Is now more a case of, stick on some powerful hydraulic system to get a crazy bounce going on.


Installed to make your car bounce in Low Rider terms. Or to get your car as low as possible. Lower than any springs can ever get you

Air Ride/Air Bags:

An air ride works the same way as hydraulics do. Just not as powerful. It's said that they make for a more comfortable ride so if your not after that bounce, just a quick dip or two, hit the air!


Short for In Car Electronics. This can be anything from sound systems installed into your car, to televisions, laptops and even your average games consol.

Bad Boy:

Were not talking chavs - everyone knows they're scared at heart. It's a term used for describing a bonnet that makes even the softest of cars look hard


Were talking tyres here. This relates to how wide your rims are as to how much you've had to stretch your tyres to fit them on! Perfect if your going for a Hellaflush look.


How low can you go? Get it now?



An alternative to spraying your car.. Wrap it in vinyl for that colour your after

NOS aka Nitrous:

Nitrous Oxide Systems. Want that quick speed burst? Installing nitrous in your motor can give you an massive amount of gain for not much money atall. And the great thing is, they're cheap to re-fil! Not legal for street use but we no you all do it!


Theres no need to explain this one unless your dumb? Cough


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Re: Why people modify their cars - opinions needed.

Post  Simon Royale on Fri Feb 18, 2011 12:25 am

To make it original and personal

Stand out from the crowd
Simon Royale

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Re: Why people modify their cars - opinions needed.

Post  Spinninz on Fri Feb 18, 2011 6:10 am

yea, to be unique.. its an extension of yourself. Your car is another part of you Wink

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Re: Why people modify their cars - opinions needed.

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