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1991 honda crx VTEC.

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1991 honda crx VTEC. Empty 1991 honda crx VTEC.

Post  djdavyb on Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:32 pm

Here for sale is my 1991 mk2 honda crx vtec.
I bought it nearly 2 years ago as a daily
runner and I'm glad to say its never let me
down. If you don't know the b16a1 engine
is bombproof and has awesome power for a 1.6.
This is a very reluctant sale but I have a
mk2 escort that needs some care and unfortunatly I cant afford
both. The current mileage is: 190000 which
seems high but the engine has had a new head
and substantial engine work over its time.
Me and a few mates all have CRXs and spend all hours working
on them so we know our way around them. If you do not
know these are very fast cars, they supprise alot of

Heres the spec:

Engine Bay:
*Standard b16a1 engine
*Shaved rocker cover painted white
*Custom spark plug cover
* 9mm leads
*Thermo inlet manifold gaskets (reducing fuel temp for better combustion)
*B18 integra type r inlet manifold with HAS 64mm throttle body to suit
*Chrome intake arm with KnN style blue air filter
*PCV system re routed to D1 spec catch can vented to atmosphere
*Anodised blue engine bay bolt kit
*B16a2 vtec solenoid (giving harder vtec engagment)
*Anodised blue vtec solenoid cover
*Blue Bloc racing cam end seal
*Type r map sensor
*Benan industries blue high flow fuel rail
*American racing adjustable fuel pressure regulator
*Thermostatic rad cap (temp guage in cap)
*Full mongoose cat back exhaust system
*Unknown stainless decat pipe installed
*Full artil sport white silicone coolant hose kit

*Lowered 40mm all round, standard shocks at back and uprated shocks on front
*Blue cyberspeeds lower rear track control arms
*Blue tegiwa lower strut brace 'tie bar'
*Whiteline adjustable front tie bars with yellow poly bushes
*Yop strut braces front and rear
*Both sils welded for MOT

*Front wings are different colour and dented (see spares)
*OSR arch has been replaced and needs painting properly
*NSR arch is rotten (see spares)
*There are a few patches of rust on the doors (pictured)
*Carbon fibre sunroof bung fitted and sealed profesionaly
*Roof panel sprayed black
*Sticker on bonnet is easily removable
*Side skirts fitted from old skool civic
*Honda style mudflaps fitted
*Black electric mirrors fitted
*Aero wiper blades on front
*'Mist' style washer jets on front

*Standard del sol 15" wheels fitted and painted peugeot graphite grey
*3x sprint racing blue alloy nuts on each wheel and 1x locking nut on each wheel
*Brand new tyres fitted less than 1000 miles ago

*282mm mgzs calipers/carriers fitted to front
*Standard 262mm brakes at rear
*HEL blue coated braided brake lines all round with one offs on front for big brakes

*Fully polybushed gear linkage (using energy suspension kit)
*Anodised blue short shifter
*Polished integra type r gear knob
*Standard y2 gearbox that has a few crunches (see spares)
*Clutch is fairly worn

*Fuel pump immoblizer key fitted
*Paplin alarm present but dont know how it works
*Kenwood cd/radio/aux player (radio doesnt work)
*Fusion front speakers, random rears
*Standard ECU that has been socketed to take mapped chips
*'North wales' map installed (5500 vtec engage, 9000 rev limit and launch control)
*Blue dash lights fitted
*Electric front windows standard

*Standard front seats (ripped as usual) with seat covers
*Standard rear bench seat with x2 seat belts
*16v suade door cards
*Custom blue stitched gear gaitor and hard brake gaitor
*Sparco steering wheel
*Standard space saver wheel in boot

*Brand new ns wheel arch ready to be welded in
*Spare y2 gearbox that only crunches into 5th
*A set of wings in primer ready for spray no dents
*A few other bits and bobs

Bad Bits:
*Bodywork needs attention
*Temp guage doesnt work (just needs a temp sensor)
*Clutch will need replacing soon (was going to fit new gearbox at same time)
*The engine burns a small amount of oil and smokes slighly in vtec (they all do)
*When the engines cold you have to hold the revs up untill its warm (this is because the type r inlet manifold does not have a coldstart solenoid, its programmed into the ecu on a type r)
*The engine man lamp is illuminated because the o2 sensors have been switched off.

It has just under a years mot (done end of june) and tax runs out 30/11/11.
I feel i have been as honest as possible but for the amount
of work I have put into this car its a steal. With a little
bodywork and elbow grease it will be a mint jap classic!

Any questions or any more pics req just ask.
Insurance must be produced to drive away.

text: 07860471685



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