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Cheap Mods

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Cheap Mods

Post  Spinninz on Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:50 pm

Thought I would start this up and try and relate this to cars in general.

1. A clean car can be the best mod, check out detailing world for some good guides and get a decent polish, wax and shine.

2. Colour coding parts to body colours is relatively cheap and looks great, DIY can cost less than £50.

3. LED mods, really easy to do, I suggest wiring them to your interior light so that they all come on at once and look great.

4. Bee sting ariel. Get rid of the fishing pole on the top of your car, £3 on the bay.

5. Interior colours. Dash strips, hazard panels etc. Very cheap and look great.

6. Lowering. If you're going for looks then you can pick up springs for sub £100 or check out Rokkor coilovers for cheap coilies that are sub £200 and handle quite well too. (Not recommended for high powered cars though)

7. Most modern cars can be de-badged / de-rub stripped as they're only stuck on with glue, best to find out from your mates 1st though if your motor uses glue or will leave holes behind!

Add your own and get this thread going....

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