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Tips on Protection

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Tips on Protection

Post  Spinninz on Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:48 pm Inspired

No one wants their Pride and Joy Broken into or Stolen, so take a minute to read this helpful advice on how you can stay safe (other than wearing a condom!) Razz

1. Avoid parking in a dodgy area. Includes Dimly lit back streets, railway car parks and built up areas of flats.. Prostitutes can be a good sign of this too :Smile

2. Keep an eye out for smashed glass on the ground or graffiti on the walls. Stay near CCTV covered areas if possible.

3. Keep everything out of site, even a single CD, your iPod, USB's, a Coat.. everything! Remove that headunit from the Center Consol too! Not to mention your Fastcar mag ???

4. Going into a garage to pay for your fuel is no excuse to leave your doors unlocked. Remember, it takes less than a few seconds for someone to get in it and potentially get away! :@

5. Even when your in your car, lock the doors! If you get stuck in traffic or at a red light, some opportunists take this as a welcome to quickly open your door and grab what they can. You never no, Freddie Kruger might even be around the corner.. Surprised

6. Once you’re all parked up, leave your wheels pointing in towards the kerb and put your car in gear. This stops the pros from cutting your handbrake cable and easily loading your ride on to a recovery truck. It does happen! Just remember to take it out of gear again the next time you go to use it, you dont want to hit the guy infront if you if you're parallel parked! :-[

7. Sat-navs are the ultimate seduction for thieves other than a x-rated dvd, so when you leave your car remove all clues that show you own one. This includes the mounting unit, sticky pad on your windscreen and even the fag-lighter charger.

8. Even when you’re at home your car is at risk. Hide your keys away so that they’re not visible through the letterbox (thieves use rods to go ‘fishing’ for them), or better still make them impossible to find in the event of a break in. We find hiding them in your mums knickers works best.. Mind you some may have a fetish for that :-/

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