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Nosher's Trampy Drift Volvo

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Nosher's Trampy Drift Volvo

Post  NosherCento on Fri May 20, 2011 8:56 am

as some of you know, my old seicento is now dead Sad

bent valves was the last straw, i couldnt be arsed to fix it AGAIN.
so, basically ive stripped her for parts and here is how she sits now.

and here is the replacement Razz
have fancied one of these for a long while, and always wanted to learn to drift, so a complete different change of scene for me...

1989 Volvo 340 1.4

k&n filter
k&n breather filter
full custom exhaust system straight through to cherrybomb backbox

lowered 3" all round
welded rear diff
13" weller wheels

stripped out rear
2x Bucket seats
Sparco harness (drivers side)
retro steering wheel
modded hand brake (no button)
stickerbombed sub + amp

custom front splitter
debade grill
de-bump stripped
340 badge removed
a couple of stickers
de-wipered rear

the plans are as follows:
twin weber 40 carbs
13" Starmags or Slotmags
paint it Nato Green all over, and add teeth graphics on the sides (like the old war planes / huey attack helicopters) with white stencilled numbers etc


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Re: Nosher's Trampy Drift Volvo

Post  Spinninz on Fri May 20, 2011 11:17 am

Would love to see this in Nato Green showing some teeth! Twisted Evil

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