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Rolling Road June 4th

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Rolling Road June 4th

Post  Spinninz on Mon May 09, 2011 3:45 pm

FreshUK invited you to theRolling Road Day @ Perfect Touch
If you ever fancy going there to get your car tested etc call them on 01992 443900 to book your car in!

Based In:

Unit G, Belcon industrial estate,
Bingley road,
EN11 0NX

About Perfect Touch -

They have an 1500 BHP Rolling Road – Dastek Dyno,
they also do ECU – Remapping,
Turbo & Forced Induction,
Performance Engine Rebuilds,
Suspension Upgrades & Handling Upgrades,
Diagnostics, Big Brake Conversions,
Performance Air Filters & Exhausts,
One off race preparation,
Track Day & Custom Wheel Alignment Set Up and Disc Skimming!!!

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